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A gigantic new signage package completed for Skechers new UK distribution centre

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The Image Group deliver a stunning package of signs for Skechers new distribution centre. When you are building one of the largest warehouses in East Anglia you need to have a sign programme to match the scale.

At over 322,917sq ft, the new space will be a UK distribution hub for Skechers and The Image Group were brought in to provide a sign package that would bring a wow factor to this amazing new building.

In order to make the most of the space, the recognisable Skechers logo was scaled up to just under 20m which would be repeated on three of the elevations. Even at this scale the logos were just a fraction of the length of the building so a bright blue accent strip that ran around three sides was used to help tie it in and bring more attention to the branding.

Phase 1 of the schedule involved installing the three 20m wide built up illuminated Skechers signs on three sides of the building. This was followed by phase 2 and the installation of over 650m of blue LED strip in a continues line from front to back.

Upon completing this large scale installation The Image Group developed a sign system to help incoming visitors and deliveries find their way to the right area if this huge site at any time of night or day. Each entrance was photographed and the studio designed and visualised two double sided illuminated monoliths for the client.

Phase three involved installation of the 1m x 3m monoliths and running through a connection for the internal illumination. Once the groundworks were done by the team on site, The Image Group installed the finished monoliths to cap off an extraordinary signage package for the new Skechers Distribution Centre.

For Image Group, account manager Rick Jervis said:

For Skechers, Gary Leadbeater had this to say:

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